Tai Chi tabletop

Tai Chi (Yin and Yang)
ceramic tabletop

Tai Chi symbol

Detail of
Tai Chi symbol

Greek key border detail

Detail of border

Tai Chi tabletop
Ceramic tile, wrought iron
20" x 20" x 22"
approx. wt., 30 lbs.


The table base is made of wrought iron painted black. The tile border is a black and white Greek key pattern. Black and white tile form the central motif and the surrounding tile is a mottled black on white. The edges of the tile pieces have been filed smooth and a sealant applied the gray grout.

The symbol known as Tai Chi (or Yin/Yang) represents duality. Expressed as masculine/feminine, light/dark, etc. this dynamic generates motion around the center. It fosters harmony and furthers personal growth.

The table can be used outdoors or inside in an informal living area. It can be used to create a sacred space or altar in any area of your home or garden where you want a spiritual focus.

To order, contact Susan.

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