Flower of Life #2
mosaic tabletop

Flower of Life #2
Top view

Flower of Life #2 detail
Detail of pattern

Flower of Life #2 mosaic tabletop
Ceramic tile, heavy steel
top: 14" x 18"
height: 20"
approx. wt., 25 lbs.
Private collection, California


This table was commissioned by a collector, after learning that the original pink Flower of Life Table was already sold. The base is made of heavy steel painted black. The border is a pink rose pattern with green leaves surrounding. The central flower figure is done with pieces of ceramic tile in pink and green with green tile around the design.

The symbol comes from the Flower of Life pattern that was found on a 6000-year-old temple in Egypt, as well as in many locations around the world. It is an expression of sacred geometry.

For more information, please contact Susan.

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